Michael:  Reader, Gamer, Actor, can do more burpees than your mom.
Michael is training because he read the Hunger Games and realized that the world was quickly disintegrating. The world of Panem might not be too far off and he wanted to be sure to make it through night one as a Tribute. While he appreciates Peeta’s skills, he does not believe that “Cake Decorating” is a viable survival skill when it comes to a dome of death.

Jas: Because wrestling alligators wasn’t enough
      Jasmine grew up wrestling alligators in the south. After nearly losing a leg, she gave up the wrestling way and decided to start doing everything else. Among these “Every thing elses” she is a trainer, actor, financial investor, dog hair sweeper, body double, traveler, vegan, Batman, dancer, singer, future skydiver and motorcyclist, business planner, and unintentional comedian. Jas really knows how to take it easy.

Ariel: You don’t want to meet her in a dark alley. You’d prefer brightly lit so you can see how lovely she is.
Ariel is theatre artist by day, a runner by evening and a weight-lifter in between. She’s been working on getting the legs she’d always dreamt of. She is currently training to run a marathon and keeps finding ways to get more people out running. She recently lost over 50 lbs. and just won’t shut up about it- we love her for it!

Megan: Dog walker by day, actor by night, and runner by sheer stubbornness.
   Training to run my first marathon at the end of summer (Twin Cities Marathon, ’12). I’m definitely a runner and need to work on cross training. I’ve completed one half marathon and ran 15 miles of a full marathon before it was black flagged. Jas and Michael had quite a hand in getting me into the obstacle races and we’ll see how that goes at Spartan (IL, ’12). I also love cooking and hope to discover awesome recipes to share. Fun Fact: Jas and I met playing super villains.

Now get out there and do five burpees (15 if you’re here because Megan wrote your bio)!


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