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Hello world! Megan here…

24 Jun

What better way to kick off a blog about getting out there and working out, than with a big ol run? Jas, Michael and I went for a 6 miler today that was a mix of running and walking (Way too hot out to run the whole time). I don’t think any of us had it easy today but we certainly had the door lady laughing as we pushed it all the way to the front door!

Post run was filled with hydration and chatter. I love the high after running. My knees were less than happy about being worked today but in that moment, I was so proud of all of us for battling heat, listening to our bodies and just getting out there and doing it.

Lesson of the day: My arms are rubbish. We stopped to try pull ups on a playground swing… couldn’t even do one. This will change.