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Why Workout? Why fitness?

17 Jul

Everyone has their own reasons for hitting the gym, or pavement, or water, or eating healthier, or whatever it is you’re focusing on. For me it is fairly simply: to have fun. I love the high after a good workout, or the pride I feel when I look at finisher medals from races. Even more than that, I love seeing medals on my friends’ walls and remembering how we did that race together.

Jas and I are running the Muddy Buddy┬áthis Saturday and decided to get some training in. Because training is a good idea, right? Right. So we started by looking at the route to figure out elevation shifts and make note of when we’d be biking uphill vs downhill, what obstacles lay ahead of us. You know, the logical stuff. Then we started reading the website. There is a costume contest.

Suddenly our “training” derailed into shopping for parts to turn her bike into a dragon and find dresses and tiaras for us to race in. There are a few pictures in a phone somewhere of us making the tiaras (the Dollar Store is fantastic) and I’m sure they, along with race photos, will surface after Saturday’s fun.

Fitness is hard. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes you have to push yourself to get out the door. I live for the times it is ridiculous and you can’t stop laughing. I mean, laughing is an ab workout too, right?

Why do you get out there and do what you do?